engineering leadership

I enjoy building software to make life better. I'm a student of user-first, design-centric product development. Every pixel counts. Tools and process should never be self-serving. Always focus on the output and the challenge you set out to solve.

Owner & Principal Engineer —

2018 - Present, Mill Valley, CA

Providing an open source education platform for everyone. Featuring beautiful, intelligent study sessions, course-building tools, trending resource discovery and search. Built offline-first, featuring a responsive mobile-friendly design while maintaining compatibility with 98% of the browser market.

Handcrafted with...

  • React: PWA with offline and mobile support using React Hooks, scss modules
  • GraphQL: a custom-built Apollo Server and Apollo Client to manage state
  • Auth: Using bcrypt, http only/secure JWT tokens, with OAuth2 (Google), integrated into Apollo
  • Node.js: Server components utilizing Jest testing framework for integration and unit tests
  • nginx: Reverse proxy for SSL termination using Lets Encrypt with upstreams & load balancing
  • PostgreSQL: Performant, well-designed schema, integrated directly into Auth and GraphQL servers
  • Grafana/Prometheus: Service-wide metrics monitoring with custom dashboards for node health
  • Filebeat/Elasticsearch/Kibana: Service-wide swarm and host node logging
  • Docker: Everything containerized with orchestration using Docker Swarm, no single point of failure
  • Amazon Web Services: Using Terraform for infrastructure-as-code & Ansible for provisioning
  • TestCafe and BrowserStack: Full end-to-end integration testing on multiple browsers
  • Artifacts: Swarm local registry:2 and Verdaccio to manage internally shared components

VP Engineering/Product —

October 2011 - February 2015
Sococo is a virtual office for your company that helps you feel more connected and see what's happening. We've built a Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone clients and have over 100 servers in production handling millions of media minutes per month.


  • 100+ servers in production environment
  • 4.5 million real-time audio minutes per week
  • Support 5 platforms (Mac, Win, iPad, iPhone, Linux)
  • Increased revenue and paid seat count 4x over one year
  • Responsible for 20 product-focused employees

Full Stack Consulting

July 2009 - Present, Oakland, CA

Helping companies build products complete with automated test coverage, build automation, and sustainable development practices built-in from the start. Special focus on Web, Mac, and iOS application development.

Mac & Web Lead —

July 2009 - October 2011

Served as the principal developer for web technologies, then transitioned over to build and launch the Mac desktop client. Other accomplishments include building all Sococo's internal tools for monitoring the health of our customer deployments, tracking top line metrics, and doing search engine marketing from ads to analytics.

Director, Commercial Operations — IronRidge

May 2004 - July 2009

I was responsible for management and delivery of our largest commercial projects, ranging from municipal power plants to large custom built rooftop systems.

I helped to direct strategy with our executive team, and managed a small team of engineers to develop products in a highly competitive industrial marketplace. I created partnerships with vendors in China and the United States to allow our business to grow. This included everything from contract negotiations and prototyping to scalable manufacturing and delivery of our products.